Kristin in depression


I just joined this group, my name is Kristin. I am 18 years old. I struggle daily with thoughts that I am the only one on earth who thinks and acts the way I do. I have been depressed for about 5 years now. I hit rock bottom last June when I took an overdose of ciprofloxacin 500mg. I have been in and out of a pysch hospital 4 times now. I thought over the last few months I was doing better, but more recently I have begon to feel very hopeless. I feel that no matter how hard I work or try I will never be good enough. For some reason the standards keep on highering to unattainable things. I also have anorexia so I know a lot of my feelings come from that thinking. I just don’t know how much longer I can live with my constant failing. I am looking for a nonjudgmental friend to talk to, and listen to.


Eczema is GONE

Dear Heather,
I have suffered from severe eczema all over my body for 48 years and 3 years ago I experienced similar outbreak as your mother have or perhaps even worse. You can read my story at Today, my eczema is GONE! I did not use any drugs or special creams. Find out what I did to improve my health and immune system which in turn healed my eczema.
Best wishes, Shirley

Depression talk

I am so self conscious sometimes, I hate myself. Recently I had some
things I needed to discuss with my hubby about my step-daughter, who would soon return from her summer with her bio-mom, and it shouldn’t  have been a big deal. I told my therapist I thought I’d just let it  slide for now but she kept telling me I should talk to him instead of stuffing it or I would explode on him next time the issue came up and pissed me off. As the day drew nearer for my step-daughter’s return, I knew I should talk with him, but I am just so self-conscious I
couldn’t do it. So I kept running through my head what I should say,
but the more I thought about it, the more angry I got. I got so
frustrated with myself for not being able to discuss a simple thing
with my husband, that I started having anxiety attacks, crying on my
way home from work, and generally feeling like shit. When I finally
talked to my husband about it I was a nervous wreck, the timing
wasn’t exactly appropriate, and I didn’t quite stick to the subject.
He looked at me and started to say “Calm down” but I must’ve gotten a
defensive look on my face ’cause he stopped in mid-sentence. I told
him about other times when I’d been extremely self-conscious around
him, I mean to the point of embarassing myself. Now I feel like a
fool. He hasn’t made any comment on our discussion, but that’s
probably because I got in my car and took a drive immediately after I
spilled my guts. But I have no idea what he’s thinking and I feel
like an idiot. I hate being so self conscious that I can’t have a
decent conversation with him until my thoughts overwhelm me! Then
it’s not a conversation at all.

Anyone have any tips for overcoming this? I know, that’s a tall


Diabetic and ED

I am a diabetic and have ED. Several years ago, I bought a pump that
my dr recommended. It is an osbon pump with restrictors and works
good. Generic viagra sildenafil tabs doesn’t work, have had a little help with ciales but it
requires vigerous stimulation on the penis. My wife will not suck on
it to help me. A friend that I ran into the other day and I were
talking about our problem and experimented with each other with
cialis. We each stimulated each other orally and it was successful.
Of course our wives would not approve since that would not be what
straight guys do, but when you get desperate you are willing to try

Now to try to get the wives to help us out more will be trying, as we
dont want to reveal how we got it to work. Oh the trials and
tribulations us guys have with our problems.

You may want to go to the Osbon web site. Letus know how you come out.

Librax and depression

Hi, Karen. I do get IBS sometimes, when I am REALLY tense. I don’t
take anything for it since thankfully, it isn’t too frequesnt. My
freind has it BAD. Sometimes she will go 5 times wihtin a few hours.
She is taking Librax for it.

If I was in your situation, I would be tense too. You said you try
talking yourself down from the panic attacks. I know you probably
have no time to yourself. Is it possible for oyu to read a book,
maybe 10 minutes a night before oyu go to bed? There are a lot of
greaat self help books. I find meditating to helpful, but I don’t
have any kids and can have all the quiet time I want.

I know it’s hard, but if you could find one thing to do for oyurself
everyday that makes you relax, it would help you I’m sure. Good luck!!

Stephanie about prednisone

I am constantly on short courses of Prednisone, and this past time, I
was on Prednisone for a week and then put on a Medrol dose pack!!I
have been finished for 2 days now, but my question is: Do these
steriods make people depressed and/or anxious? I felt horrible this
past time and I am just curious to see if this is common.I take it
for asthma and allergies.Is it just me, or can they make you act a
little bit crazy?

Robert about depression

Hi Carolyn,
Just joined the group after a friend admitted herself for
depression (we’re about 700 miles apart so don’t have all the story
yet) but have heard about a Dr. Joel Wallach and his programs. I’ve
heard from people (he has a radio program) who take his products and
get relief from Lyme disease etc. Do a Yahoo search for him and you
should find his web page. The products can be expensive but they’re
better than the disease.